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Babygate Recap/Update

Hello my dear minions...I've had a lot of ppl getting very confused and I've decided to help with some of your confusion.

Lately, I've been much more certain about the information that I've been sharing with you all over the last Seven Months...My certainty comes from two places...first, I've seen what I've seen, I've been following this story for a long time and documenting the evidence for so long that I never had any doubts that Kristen and Rob had a baby.

What I didn't know with 100% certainty was if they were in fact married.  But after following these two and getting to know them as I have, it's been pretty obvious to me that they are pretty traditional ppl.  They both believe in love, they believe in family and they believe in commitment and I had little doubt that if they were going to have a child together they would prefer to do that as a married couple.  Though I can see Rob being a bit more of a traditionalist than Kristen, but I certainly don't think she had any qualms about marrying Rob...'s a bit of a re-cap/update 

Let's start at the beginning and help some of my new minions catch-up...

I want to go on the record that I'm not the only person in the fandom to discuss Kristen being pregnant...but to my knowledge I'm the only blogger that has put together the evidence over time that I've put together.  And as one of my twitter peeps put it...I'm one of the few outlets that the naysayers and haters have to release their contempt and distain for the very idea that Rob and Kristen are still together as a couple let alone having a child.  I'm not sure if there's anyone that has gotten the same kind of hate that I have...but...I'll admit, I brought it upon myself and though at times I've been frustrated by it...I've also had some mighty good laughs at their expense.

One more point regarding my detractors before I continue with the recap...

It seems to me that we like to place our celebrities on pedestals just for the sport of knocking them off...I’ve seen the very same thing on my blog! In order to prove me wrong they’ve attacked Rob and Kristen. Rob’s a bad father because he spent too much time away from Kristen while she was pregnant and now how dare he go out to a concert or go bowling with friends! 

"Bad daddy, bad daddy!"...they scream!

Kristen has been accused of doing EVERY thing wrong while she was pregnant! So of course there’s no way she could be pregnant or if she is there’s no way that baby could be healthy!

"Bad mommy, bad mommy!"...they scream!

The sad thing about many of these attacks…I know that they came from ppl that are supposedly fans! But the only way they knew how to fight me…was to attack Rob and Kris!

Sad…very very sad!!!  I wonder how proud of themselves they'll be when the truth is revealed???

If there's any hope for this world they will feel ashamed at their actions and at their words.  But...alas I'm probably living in a dream world.

So...Again...From the beginning...Hindsight is a truly marvelous thing!

July 2013

Kristen arriving at the Chanel Show
PFW July 2013
Looking very thoughts at the time...almost too skinny!

August 2013

Kristen Filming Camp X-Ray
I loved how healthy she looked during this time...we didn't get a lot from set but we did see her out and about and she was looking great!  Loved seeing her back at work.

Did anyone hear about the story that Lane Garrison shared that Kristen had gotten a bit seasick when they filmed the scenes on the boat?  Hmmm???  Wonder if that was seasickness or perhaps caused by her new stow-away!  LOL

September 2013

Kristen on the set of Clouds of Sils Maria
Still looking really healthy and seeming to enjoy her time working.

October 2014

Kristen filming a skinny dipping scene for Clouds of Sils Maria.
The picture that made most of us say...Hmmm????

Is she?  Isn't she??
I was having discussions behind the scenes.  At this point I wasn't on twitter.  I wasn't reading other blogs other than what was on my I wasn't seeing anyone else discussing whether or not she was pregnant.  All the discussion I was having was with other fans mostly over the phone.  A little via email.

I'll admit that we looked...but we for the most part put it aside...and moved on.

November 2013

I'll admit that I was still checking out pix in November, saw a few here and there that were questionable...but still hadn't come to any conclusion.

It was probably about this time that I started to check out other blogs and I think that I started reading HKN...Saw that she had announced that Kristen was in fact pregnant.  I've said this before but I think it bears repeating....I rolled my eyes when I read this.  I just thought it was a little ballsy to make that type of announcement as fact at that time...but....more power to her.  LOL

December 2013

Kristen at the Dallas Chanel Event announcing that she would be the new face of the Dallas-Paris Collection.

This was the night that changed everything for me.  This was the night where I was convinced that she was pregnant.  But it's funny when I first saw the pix I literally said to myself...

"Well, that's that...she's definitely not pregnant!"  

Why did I say this...because I thought...there's no way that she'd be showing off her belly if she was pregnant...but the more pix that came out the more confused I got and then finally there was this pic...

Looking at the side view it became clear to me that Tara Swennen is a genius!  She chose a Chanel Outfit that was the perfect camouflage to hide a pregnancy.
The high waist of the trousers, the bare top of her midriff and the sweater tied around her waist all did their part to hide in plain sight what would have otherwise been the obvious rounding of her belly.  Add  to that the fact that Kristen is obviously not wearing a bra....go back to the pix from July ...let's just say the Stewbies have a new zip code!  LOL

Wasn't it nice of me to do the work for you....LOL

January 2014

Kristen at Sundance promoting Camp X-Ray.  We all know Kristen is a fidgety girl...but I've never seen her so aware of her wardrobe before and making sure that her belly was covered as much as possible.  This is just one example.  

Some ppl made the comment..."It was cold"  Well then why the hell is she wearing short sleaves???  

February 25, 2014

This is the gif that just keeps on giving...
Look at the baby move.  That's right peeps the only explanation for what you are seeing there is a baby.

First you can see an obvious bulge under her shirt.  I'm sorry my darlings that want to claim this as an air baby...air cannot produce what you are seeing.  There is form and definition to this bulge and then the bulge pushes out.  The belly bulge is also in counter point to the air that flutters Kristen's jacket.  And notice that the air just flutters her jacket...that small breeze in no way could produce the movement of her belly.  The "air baby" scenario defies the laws of physics.  If you don't know what that means...go look it up!

Add to the obvious movement in Kristen belly the smirk on her face right after it happens and we all know that she couldn't miss RJ's obvious gymnastic moves going on at that moment.  I think that was little RJ showing her ass to the world...telling the haters to fuck off in the only way she could!

March 22, 2014

Kristen posing with a fan on the set of Still Alice.  Showing off RJ...

This in hindsight is about a month before RJ was born.

April 2014

Kristen on the set of American Ultra...
Could they have her more bundled up.  My understanding is that it was particularly cold in New Orleans while they were shooting these particular scenes.  But if the film demanded that she be dressed differently we know that no matter the temperatures on set that day she would have worn the costume that was appropriate for the scene.  The actual temperature on set at the time of filming  would have no barring on her costume.  As we know from filming The Twilight Saga.  And for us really crazy fans...we know that Adventureland was filmed in Pittsburg in October and yet the movies was set during the summer.  So in many of the scenes our poor Kristen was probably freezing her ass off in her short-shorts and t's.

So I'm certain this costume was decided upon long before they started filming that day and was only one of the reasons why Kristen agreed to do this film at this time.

This was one of the last photos we got from Kristen before RJ was born.

May 5, 2014

Kristen looking fierce in an illusions gown by Chanel.
I'll admit it, at the time we got these photos I still thought Kristen was pregnant...I was wrong.  More details on this to come.

But damn...that girl looks good!

May 23, 2014

Kristen's portrait from the Clouds of Sils Maria Premiere at Cannes 2014.

As soon as I saw her at the premiere it was obvious that she wasn't pregnant.  At least not anymore.

She looks spectacular...but if you ask me and other I know agree, there's a new air about her.  A new confidence.  That wasn't there before.  I think we got a small glimpse of it at The Met Gala...but it was even more intense at Cannes.


So that's the timeline.  You can see that slowly from December through April Kristen's body changes.  All the changes I noted, I fully attributed to pregnancy.  People wanted and did attack me for claiming that Kristen was fat.  Kristen has NEVER been fat and she certainly was never fat while she was pregnant.  She was so far from being fat that she was able to hide her pregnancy in plain sight.  She changed the way she dressed, dressing in more and more layers, not just due to cold but to camouflage.  She's a young woman that was in very good shape prior to getting pregnant and looks to have stayed active and in very good shape and health throughout her pregnancy.

We don't have any pix of her right prior to her giving birth, so we'll never know unless she chooses to share if she ever "popped" like we are trained to expect pregnant women to look during their pregnancies.  But if I and my followers learned nothing else, we learned that not all women look the same while their pregnant.   I'm sure we've all seen some women and assumed by looking that they are pregnant when they're not and now I'm certain that I've more than likely passed by women that are pregnant that I would have NEVER guessed that they were.

Just remember there is a television show devoted to this topic:   I didn't know I was pregnant!
Check it out's an eye opener.


News from My Sources...oops...I meant Experts

So many of you are aware that I now have "sources" or experts as I like to prefer to call them.  Because they are more expert than true sources since they have no direct contact with Rob or Kris.

A little bit of background without giving away who they are.  They are fans.  They have been following my blog for a time and frankly they weren't convinced at first.   But they decided that they would use their unique skills to either prove me wrong or prove me right.

So...they got to work.

I had no idea that this was going on.  I didn't find out until I got this information from one of them.

June 17th...

I received a message that they had found proof that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were in fact married.    As I mentioned, they had not been convinced that I was right.  So to say that they were beyond excited to have discovered this information is putting it just a bit mildly.

I believe that this is an apt depiction of one of their reactions when they discovered the information.

I will not give all the details...that is between myself, my experts and RK's business to share or not as they see fit!

I will share this...I wasn't 100% convinced that this information was on the up and up.  But when my experts shared the details and were willing to talk to me over the phone, I knew that the likelihood that they were on the up & up was great.

June 21st

Same experts shared via email and a phone conversation confirmation of the birth of the baby.  This information I will admit is not as concrete as the marriage information.  We have not found a birth certificate.  This is impossible to get being that none of us are the parents of said child.   But what they were able to find was almost as good if not better in my book.

This information convinced me that I was right in my Coincidence & the Obvious post that the baby is indeed a girl!  Also I will share that based on the information the baby looks to have been born somewhere the week of Easter...though we did not get a firm date.  So timeline that I posed in Tales from the Darkside Vol. VII was spot on except for the confusion/misdirection we were handed when she began filming American Ultra.

At this time...What I believe happened is that American Ultra production knew very well that Kristen was pregnant and how far along she would be when they wanted to start filming.  They obviously wanted her bad enough for the role that they were willing to accommodate her and her due date.  I think that this helps to explain why the production was longer than your typical indie shoot!  I believe due to the evidence that we have that she started production the first of April (we got pix from NOLA) and then wrapped up her first part of filming on April 17th which was when we got pix of her at the airport filming scenes there.  I wouldn't even be surprised if she had her bags packed and left directly from the airport after the director yelled "cut/that's a wrap for today" and winged her way back to LA to await the birth of her daughter.  Oh...yeah...I'll share this to, the baby was born in L.A.  Like mother, like daughter....LOL

I then believe it likely that Kristen did not return to set until the week of Cannes.  We heard that there was a reporter that was going to interview them on set Monday, May 19th.  So I'm pretty damn certain that Kristen was in town for Rob's birthday and more than likely was the one that threw him the party at CM.  After returning to set, she probably stayed a few days to film and this was one of the reasons that there were questions about whether she was going to be able to make it to Cannes or not and probably why she didn't make it to Cannes until a few hours prior to the red carpet event.

Based on this...The Met Gala was Kristen's first appearance about 2 weeks after giving birth.  And for the pregnancy police/moral brigade, it is my understanding that Kristen was required to attend The Met Gala as part of her contract with Chanel.


More from my Experts!

As my relationship with my experts continued I put them to the test and asked them to do a few favors for me.  And their assistance has been greatly appreciated and has paid off in spades!

First I asked them to take a look at this pic for me....

Is this Kristen?

Do you all remember this pic??  It came out June of 2013 after the "fake-up"

Well..everybody and their brother swore this was not Kristen.
Well guess what?!

Yep...I think y'all guessed where this is headed.  I was right when I said I was certain this was Kristen.  My experts analyzed the photo and determined that it is indeed Kristen Stewart.

Is this RK??

per my experts:

Taco pics: 98.690% female in white shirt is Kristen. 82.444% male in dark clothing with black hat is Rob. Percentage sounds low for Rob but considering line thru pic, it's actually very high.

Is this Rob?

This is a pic from the wedding that we know for certain Suzie attended in London in September and  someone identified as possibly being Rob...I thought maybe so and then I thought maybe I shared with my experts and...

Sorry Charlie's....

Per my experts:
No, sorry, not Rob.  Nothing in the face matches up.  Interestingly enough, this guy's fingers have measurements that come real close to Rob's regarding length but width is way off.  Don't know who thought it was Rob but the computer dinged pretty fast, saying there was no match. Anatomically, nothing showed a similarity.

I just have to add...though this is not Rob.  I have no doubt whatsoever that Rob and Kristen attended his cousins wedding...take that however you'd like to take it... 

4th of July pix...

per my experts:

BTW, someone mentioned the man sitting in the chair in the blue board shorts was Rob's dad.  It's not. We have several photos of Richard and even though we don't have his face in this pic, which would be ideal, we can estimate his height, his body structure and skin tone.  None of those match Richard Pattinson. 

Because there were ppl originally saying this was a NotRob...I asked and quickly got confirmation that it was indeed Rob as I suspected.  Then I got the full pic that showed a woman sitting near Rob and forwarded it back to my experts asking if it was Kristen and....

per my experts:

To be honest, I'm actually surprised with the results.  Not that I didn't think it was Kristen but this is a very tough one to work with. 

Regarding individual to left and partially obstructed by wicker type structure, it is a 86.0099% match to Kristen J Stewart.

While the percentage seems on the low side, due to partial and obstructed views, giving only a minimal right side profile as well as an unfocused and limited view of right eye, these results are considered to be an absolute match.

Several perspectives were taken into consideration, including height, body build and skin tone. Hair color cannot be considered due to over 82% being obstructed due to frontal structure as well as time of day, taking into account the trajectory of sunlight, giving a possible inaccurate hue of individuals hair texture as well as color.

And because ppl were giving me such crap regarding these results they were offended that their expertise was under scrutiny and gave me even more information to share...

Viewing subject previously identified at Kristen J Stewart, upon closer look at scalp hair, it has a darker tone.  Looking at hair length, you see nothing but an almost "white" hue.  This is literally called "white out". It happens when the flash of a camera or the direction of the sun or a strong light hits the subjects hair directly.  You get nothing but a bright white color, preventing you from seeing subjects true hair color.  In contrast, looking at subject previously identified as Robert Pattinson, his hair has the hue of a dark brown and as is widely known, Mr. Pattinson does not have naturally dark brown hair.

I have compared this "white out" in the 7/4 pics to several photos from KS at her appearance in Cannes.  Though her hair was down and obviously a bright red tone, there are areas of her hair that take on a bright white tone.  Again, this is "white out".  

I believe the point has been proven.

Regarding the dating of photos.  It is a process called chronographing and when photos are scanned for facial recognition, it is automatically checked for dating.  We will never get an exact date but when a photo is older than 6-8 months, we know.

I can say with 100% accuracy, the photos in question do not exceed dating of 6-8 months, thus making them recent.  Another hint is the tinsel type decoration wrapped around the wicker structure.  In researching this, it was found to be a common decoration used during any holiday denoting an American celebration, such as July 4, being that the tinsel was of a red/white/blue color pattern.

If necessary, I could provide much more technical evidence but in reading some viewers responses and comments, I don't believe they would understand.

pool party pix 
Is this RK?

This pic came to my attention via a follower's...Lady T...she knew that if anyone could confirm that RK were at this party together.  I had the peeps to do it!

Per my experts:
In the above questioned photos, focus was primarily on the two white circled areas. (In the original pic I sent...they were circled in white) Considering the circle on the left: it is with a 98.009% conclusive result that the person in question (dark ball cap, white tank type shirt) is that of Kristen J Stewart.  Considering the circle on the right:  it is with a 96.778% conclusive result that the person in question (dark ball cap worn backwards, dark short sleeve t shirt) is that of Robert Pattinson.

The above result was conclusively reached by standard forensic facial recognition.  

Is this Rob?

This is the only evidence that the trashtoids and the haters were able to come up with to link Rob & Dylan Penn together.  Let's see how this worked out for them shall we?

Per my experts:

Regarding the above picture on the left, focus was primarily on second subject from left.  It is with a conclusive result of less than 2.003% that this individual is Robert Pattinson.  

I also scanned the subject on the far left as well as the far right.  At this time, there is no recognition in databank of either individual. Which means, subjects are considered "unknowns".

Conclusive results were reached by standard facial recognition.


So there you have it my dear minions...I do now have experts assisting me when their unique talents are needed.  They haven't been with me for very long...but their input has been a godsend.   They have confirmed my theory and helped us determine that Rob and Kristen may be avoiding the paps but they are "hiding" in plain sight.  I do believe that as long as I don't inundate them with too much stuff and respect their right to their anonymity that they will continue to assist me as needed as we go forward. I also have little doubt that Rob and Kristen have gotten very good at giving the paps the slip...but it doesn't seem to be keeping them from going to parties and hanging out with their friends and just living their lives.  


Bloggers Note:
I do have to make one small point... if you come to me and tell me that you've been on vacation and you want me to catch you up on what's been happening while you've been away...just know that you are on your own.  Make sure that you note where you left off on my blog prior to leaving town.... I'm happy that you got to get away from it all, but I have no sympathy for you and while you were gone, I was here updating my blog everyday in addition to running my business.  Do you really think it's fair to ask me to take additional time out of my day to catch you up on all that you may have missed while you got to go and have fun.  While I for one say NO!  Sorry, but I just had to say this.


  1. Thank you from the bottom of my Rkian heart, MN!! This should shut people up. Rob and Kris are indeed married and have a little girl. Love you so much!!! XXOO

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    2. Sweetie, I'm so deeply honored by your words! It thrills me to no end that I can help other friends escape through my stories. And I agee with you about this amazing recap. Rob and Kris are embarking on the greatest adventure of life - marriage and parenthood. Love you too!! XXOO

  2. Brilliant!!!!!! Everything and I mean Everything is laid out perfectly. Great Job!!!!!!!! You gave facts with each and every point........

  3. Hey Ladies this post is awesome. You all know we can chat back and forth here too right?

  4. I'm sorry but Kristen does NOT look pregnant in the March 22nd pic on the set of Still Alice. She just doesn't. I WANT to believe, but I'm just not convinced. But please, keep posting because I really want to be proven wrong.

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    2. Just stating that she doesn't look pregnant in the one pic, but THANK YOU for telling me what I NEED to do.

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    4. Don't get me wrong I am not being mean. I am glad you enjoy what MN has to say. She is very good at what she does and I am glad you follow her. She is worth the time you put in visiting her site.

  5. Great post! Love it. What do you mean you rolled your eyes at me?! Lol. Just kidding. xxxxooooooo

    1. HKN Great minds, like yours and MN's think alike....... The two of you together are unstoppable.........

  6. Thank you all for the great responses. worries about me stopping...i've been going at this for seven months and I've not backed down once and now I KNOW that everything that I've been saying is true. You'll just have to decide when to get off that fence post. But I have to say if this post didn't convince you, I don't think anything I have to say now or in the future is going to convince you.

  7. MN..this was so concise, you laid everything out as clearly as is humanly possible. Your experts get a round of applause from me, I am truly grateful to them for assisting you. The haters will still unfortunately doubt you and continue to take their frustration out on you and R/K. thank you for everything you do to keep us informed and smiling. Excellent job..

    1. Hey Big Sis... Wasn't it Brilliant? I love it. How are you feeling tonight? I hope you continue to feel better.....

  8. How my fingers were just a twitching to reply to your post!! Shazam! What a post this is indded. I am sure there will be a stragler or two that will want to post their naysayer crap....but that is all there is to that....crap, bullshit, horse shit....all the same.....because they know what we've believed for some time.....because if these two had truly parted ways the way most do.....we wouldn't be having this conversation.....and they would have no room to piss & moan. Just because they have chosen not say anything for now....doesn't mean it hasn't happened....I mean.....look at how long Janet Jackson was married before she said anything....some like a to say that celebrities cannot hide things is just another load of crap....kind of like Ryan & Eva.....I mean they haven't been seen together or pic together in over a year.....umm and now in 2 months.....they will be having a baby.....these two lovely, caring, amazing hobo ninjas......found a way to do things their way.....cause that is what worked for them.....because what some fans is their life to do so...not ours.
    I have to say I was overjoyed that you updated your I had been wondering if you had stopped it.....and am so happy to see that you have not.
    As usual, straight forward & right to the point.....loving it. A real beauty this one hit a grand slam on this. Keep up the great it.

  9. Wow! My hats off to you. I love how the truth is slowly coming out and as a nerd I'm happy that science is used to show it.
    Your experts have my respect and admiration the same feelings I have for you and HKN.
    I still hope they keep it as secret for as long as they want to but at the same time Is going to be so funny when the media plays this as the "surprise of the century" and we will be like "We knew it!" I couldn't had picked a better fandom to belong LONG LIVE RK AND BABY!!!

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    I cannot wit for the day we see a photo of all 3 of them, not sure it will get rid of the nasties but then I don't think they'll ever be happy - oh well they can go live their miserable lives!
    Love seeing all of your posters here!
    Love to you Vee!
    Love to all.

  12. Mama Nails,

    Just loved your post. I believe in you and h k n.

    1. Ok, forgive my ignorance but who or what is hkn? I'm a bit of a newbie.

  13. Thank you so much for the timeline and the work of your experts. I was just looking back through photos trying to determine the "delivery" date and you did all the work for me.

  14. Thank you so much for putting the chronicle of R&K into a time frame it makes it so much easier to see how this has played out...I felt Kristen was preggers when she was in her skinny dip outfit in Switzerland and I thought she is preggers but the Chanel Dallas fashion show sealed it for me... I am so thrilled for her and Robert and their families...I am sad that their is so much hatred for him and her and I think its time for people to grow up and let this loving couple enjoy their lives with their baby and families...How sad they have to be undercover 24/7 because of the idiots who are so unhappy in their own lives and because of the safety of their computers they can rant and rave and go on with their daily lives. I personally want to thank you and all the pro bloggers of Rob and Kristen for giving us a great pause of kindness and sweetness and respect that you demand for them and get...Thanks again. :)

    1. Couldn't agree with you more. Elements out there just want to rip and claw at them. No wonder they stay hidden and keep to themselves.

  15. Are you seeing the unbelievable crap they're offloading in Us, People, and all the other rags about Rob's latest Esquire interview??? Saying that he finally is talking about the cheating scandal and that he and Kristen broke up for good in May.

    Hmmm... I skimmed the piece but don't recall those statements? He would never talk about any of that if you ask me especially not with a magazine. it actually helps them stay hidden if others think they're apart.

  16. Hi Vero Thomas! Welcome!

    I don't remember any crazy statement like that either except for the robsessed/FAINTERS that corm to me making crazy claims! Lol

    As for HKN she runs

  17. Thank you! I know, right. Humans being are very disconcerting to say the least. Rob is just the master of distraction in his interviews. I think it was Fallon who says Rob is the biggest bullshitter (I paraphrase) in all of his interviews. He asked him why he lies so much. :) He's really good at it. I think Kristen would be less able to cover up and lie. Heh, heh.

  18. This is such a pleasure to read and I just found it, thank you Mama for your hard work and to our two investigators that helped with the reality of their wonderful lives. Fallon is so right, Rob loves to bum-fusel everyone because he does not want anyone knowing his business. This is their life, not ours.