Saturday, October 18, 2014

Has a new businsess venture gone awry?

First I want to say thank you to everyone that has not given up on Rob and Kristen and have realized that there is more to what is going on then what the pictures seem to be telling.

When I see a look like this on Rob's face for any other woman but Kristen than I'll believe he's moved on...but not before!

I am assured that Rob and Kristen are perfectly fine, Kristen is aware of everything that is going on and has given her blessing because this is just as much an investment on her part as it is on Rob's.

We all know how passionate both Rob and Kristen are about music.  But what some may not know is that that passion has translated into a business venture.  The exact extent of this business venture I don't have all the details but I do know that what we are currently witnessing from Europe is solely and explicitly part of that new business adventure.

The problem that I see with this is not the business itself but the person that they chose to back.  I think as a friend of a friend was presented as a professional, but in her European tour she's not acted like the consummate professional that we know Rob and Kristen to be.  She's shown up late to many of her concerts and frankly she's not proven herself enough to pull this crap!  So...when Rob should either be in Chicago researching for his role, Toronto or just back in LA spending time with his family he is instead playing babysitter.  And while playing babysitter he's getting some PR for her as an added benefit.

Some ppl think that he's trying to save his investment but I think that if this was just about money he would have washed his hands of it all....this is a business investment after all and any loss would be a tax right off.   Something much needed for anyone with the amount of wealth that he and Kristen have accumulated.  This is about protecting his reputation and his contacts that he's used to help this girl get her career off the ground in the United States.

I can say with my limited knowledge that I believe that there were better ways for him to go about all of this, but Rob has always done what he wants and he'll continue to do what he wants without fans interference.

He doesn't care what the media says about him, he doesn't care what "fans" say about him.  He cares what ppl that know him and trust him think about him.  That's what I believe he's trying to protect at the moment and if he gets to fuck with the media while he's at it he's happy to do so.

Does anyone remember his interviews recently.  The interviews where he's explicitly said that the media particularly the gossip media lies.  They take the pictures and "create" stories to go with them.  As most of my long time followers will know...I've long since given up on the gossip rags, there's not one publication that you can buy at the grocery store checkout that would know the truth about Rob or Kristen if it smacked them in the face or if they do they're not interested in publishing it.

So for the ppl that want to bring me the latest from the gossip sites, you can stop because I don't care and I'll never care except to get a good laugh.  If you name a gossip rag that comment will be deleted...because I refuse to give any gossip rag the respect of naming them and thus promoting them on my blog.  They don't deserve the recognition nor the publicity.


Below are comments I've received recently that speak to this current always they are anonymous unless otherwise noted....

*Traveling with her around Europe instead of being at home with his new born. He is really taking his new music manager title seriously. Do you think he's setting this up as something to do when he's done acting?

I think that this is just a new business adventure, not necessarily something to fall back on.   I think he's passionate about music and if he can use his connections to help talented ppl he's happy to do so.
I personally think that he has a long career ahead of him in film...if not always in front of the camera...then behind it.

*"I'm just trying to not be in stupid gossip magazines, basically, and I think the best way to do it is never be photographed ever." Robert Pattinson, Cannes 2014. If someone has any doubts, just read this.

I admit that I've had moments of doubts and then I remember the pic of K leaving the airport with luggage behind her with tags from France. Like how many days prior did we get those pics before the fanado? There's just no way that's a coincidence. ❤️

I'm not 100% convinced about this.  The tags on her luggage say AirFrance and ppl say because she exited the airport from the international terminal that this means she must have flown so happens that AirFrance does not land in LAX at the international terminal.  They land in terminal 2...but once you land in the airport as long as you don't leave the secured areas you are free to travel from terminal to there are many reasons as to why her luggage was wrapped and we are never going to know what that is...

It will forever remain a mystery.  LOL  Just like most everything with regards to Rob and Kristen.

I agree, he does look more like her manager, than couple "desperately in love", as the Nonnies are trying to make them out to be. Like you said he produced her video, so this was a stop-over for him to manage his client's Paris gig. So it wouldn't surprise me either if he's also financing her tour as well. The haters tried to make us think those videos were the second coming and it would truly be the end of us. Turns out it was nothing to get upset or excited about. Marion

Hi Marion, it is my understanding that he produced her video and he has some financial investment in her tour as well as probably contacts that helped get her venues within the US....But the whole extent of his involvement I don't know....

Not sure this went through previously. I heard Oct 30 thu Jan 5 are new dates for Idol Eyes. Rob seems too distracted to start filming in a few days. Have you heard anything? And yes I know you don't have a crystal ball but sometimes you do have info we don't.

The date are actually October 30th through January 10th...they will be on hiatus through the holidays.  
But I will say this, if you believe that this change in filming has anything to do with Rob you are a fool.  Rob is a professional through and through and he would never let something as trivial as what's going on in Europe affect his reputation with his coworkers.  I do believe that he took advantage of the change to deal with a problem!

Hi Mama, Do you have some concrete evidence that you know you can trust that Rob and Kristen are ok? I really think they are too. Kristen just looks so happy. Rob with those pictures just seems so out of character for him. The windows and walls in that store. They would step behind the wall just at a right time it seemed. Rob always walked ahead of her out doorways which is not gentlemanly. When he's laughing around that street corner she just stands there. She doesn't get his humor not like K.

No one can say 100% that they know for certain what is going on with Rob and Kristen except for Rob and Kristen.  Those are the two ppl that will always know where they stand with each other.  I have however heard from several different avenues consistently that what we are seeing is Rob acting as manager/PR rep.

It's funny that some ppl, ppl that have always claimed that Kristen is a talentless hack are claiming that she's such a great actress now...acting the part of being happy....

Mama, I'm going to talk about this once, then I'm putting it behind me. Let's just observe the 'new photos' where Rob is unloading the stuff from the car. Not once did we see him turn around on check on his "new tree toy". Now lets compare these photos to when he is walking with the LOVE OF HIS LIFE. Do you all see the difference? The protectiveness? The awareness that his love is there? And in the videos, it 'just so happens' that the white beam was covering them when he was supposedly  'kissing' her. Yea, right, 'just so happened'. Look at how uncomfortable all his touches were. The whole bloody thing was clearly PR, and planned in a way such that it 'just so happened' to cover them. God, open your eyes people! Unnecessary drama over something that we have absolutely no solid proof on. The only love in his life right now (and likely forever) is KRISTEN! Grrrrrr. Rant over. Love, C....oasisofcalm23

Mama, how soon we forget! Was it only a couple of weeks ago we all watched as Kristen's jet landed and folks scattered. It was as if Rob and his gang were roaches and Kristen turned on the light. All the public shit just stopped. As if Tiny little Kristen just shut all that shit down. So, if that's his new love, why stop the public shows when your ex. lands. I might have been born at night but not last night. Are we really suppose to be that stupid. Peace!!

Lol...this is classic.  Kristen returns from Singapore and Rob and Kris go mia for days!  A certain singer leaves LA unseen and starts her concert tour in Europe with a no show from her new *beau*  It's too funny for words for ppl that don't see the writing on the wall.  Why did Rob suddenly show up in Europe?  Well it wasn't to rekindle anything, I can assure you of that!

Hey Its been a while since I've said anything to you. I was just reading some of your comments. I have to ask did you see the pics of them leaving Paris, She looked down right pissed I can only guess why. Could it have been because Rob was walking way ahead of her, not helping with her bags, oh and they looked heavy. I don't know what is going on but I don't for one minute think that he is with her. I'm on the ship of him getting involved with the music business. He has said that in an interview....from christine51us

LOL...he's not there to make her happy...he's there to get her some publicity and make sure she's showing up when she's supposed to show up.  Not sure how this is all working out, but this is for him to deal with not me...thank god!  I'd tell her to put on her big girl panties and get to fucking work and I certainly wouldn't be holding her hand.  If she wants a career in the music industry she's got to suck it up.  It's fucking hard work and excuses like feeling sick cause you were on the tour bus isn't gonna cut it!

Just wanted to say that I can smell BS all the way down here in Australia.. Haha. Should have found your blog a lot sooner (^_^) ~ from L

If it smells like's usually shit!  LOL  Glad you found me also!

I still love RK and probably always will. I do believe they are together but have many questions, and I have to admit sometimes I would like to slap Robert. He has a wife and daughter, and he should be home with them. There is just too much we don't know, and I hate reading all the comments on Tweeter and Tumbler. Hopefully we will have an answer sooner, rather than later. Love your blog...lovefeny100

You don't have to spend 24/7 with your family to be a good husband and father/wife and mother.  We need to stop judging them...period.  

We don't have to agree with everything that Rob and Kristen do, but as fans we don't have a right to dictate their lives.  I may not agree 100% with what Rob is currently doing but I'm certainly not making any judgements on him as a father or a husband.  The only ppl that have a right to do that are Kristen and his daughter (and frankly she's too young to know WTF is going on!)

Have you ever noticed how everything went to hell after that stupid wedding of Bobby Long. Strange how the guys are still hanging out in LA while Rob is running with t. Keep the faith.  

Interestingly, though Rob went to her concert in LA prior to the wedding I do not believe that he met her until he was in NY for the this all seems to be going along with this event....

Hey MN.... So much drama everyday!! I believe there is more to this than what's being told or we know. I don't want to even fathom the comments I been reading on facebook about respecting his choice to be with her. I will believe in their love until its told I should believe something else. I hope u r having a good evening. TD....mytd35

I have the utmost respect for Rob and if I for one second believe that he was doing anything more than playing hand holder, tour manager, nurse maid etc....I would respect him...I might not agree with him, but I'd still respect him.  But I don't have to bow to those that have wanted me to stop believing in RK, not now not every....I'm amused by them...

This goes out to all the ppl that are *reading* and believing the trashrags stories....

As everyone that's been reading me for any length of time knows that I'm a sucker for a love story and this is one real life love story that's isn't even close to being over!

Taylor has always known the truth....
And so do I!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

And an Interview will lead the nose...

What's up minions?

Have you all heard about Rob's Esquire interview?  

muahahahaha....yes I'm certain you've read it, heard about it and so forth and so on...LOL

Well it's certainly been the talk of the fandom for the last several days and I discussed it with many of you on Tuesday thinking we'd covered just about all there was to say only to wake up yesterday with my inbox FULL! 

First, I just want to applaud my fellow Rob and Kristen fans because most of you called a spade a spade and saw the Esquire article for what it was!  I had very few "oh woe is me" comments in my inbox...and who knows the few I had may very well have been from the FAINTERS just disquising themselves as distraught fans.  

I was not originally planning on beginning this post quite this way when I decided this was how I was going to handle my full inbox...but this morning after one particular comment this is how I'm choosing to proceed....


(blogger note: as usual all italicized text are anonymous comments/questions unless otherwise noted.)

Cognitive distortions are simply ways that our mind convinces us of something that isn’t really true. These inaccurate thoughts are usually used to reinforce negative thinking or emotions — telling ourselves things that sound rational and accurate, but really only serve to keep us feeling bad about ourselves. You're welcome! :)

I received this message early Tuesday morning prior to the Esquire article coming out and just left it thinking how best to answer this.  I looked at this comment/helpful information in two ways.  Either this anon was trying to diagnose me or was assisting me in diagnosing many of the FAINTERS.  I'm pretty certain I'm the patient being referred to...LOL...but really I have to thank my anon's assistance because I think this accurately illustrates what seems to be going on with some in this fandom at this time.  

I spoke with a friend that is a psychologist and sent her this little ditty and she agreed that my anon was attempting to diagnose me saying that I believe in my theory so much that I've convinced myself that it's true when in reality it's not...that I'm using my theory to protect me from some greater pain in my real life (LOL..real life is going great by the way!).  

Well I think in truth there is a greater portion of fans out there that are doing just this.  They see my theory and more than likely see the truth in it and in order to protect themselves from some greater personal pain have created elaborte "fantasy situations, shield" as my psychologist friend deemed it to protect themselves from bitter events and stituations in their lives.

So now we know what we are dealing with.  

And I believe it is these ppl that Esquire determined where their target audience for their article about Rob.  Did Esquire know all the ins and outs and issues that some of these fans face.  No...but they know that there are fans that don't like Kristen and discuss the incident of over two years ago incessintly. 

These are the ppl that Esquire handed Rob over to....

Here are some examples of some interesting anon's reactions to this interview....

Rob was excellent in his interview and made it clear without unnecessary drama that he and Kristen are not together and there is no "Love Child". He has always been a gentleman. As much as I am sad that this has all come to an end It's time to accept his words. He has set an example of kindness and I think it's time to say good bye to Robsten. The sooner we accept this the sooner we can focus on Rob and Kristen individually. Hope this can unite fans again.

well now he done it, he said what was on his mind, like it or not it can be all made up about this interview he spoke to a man who is his friend, he went to his house as a friend he talked to him as a friend why hi friend is going to tell lies about him? we better believe in his words[rob] now it is all over the news, tv there i no way out and he did it knowing what would happening soon , sorry for who still believ they are together sad but truei m glad she is far away from it God love you K

What's the point in all this? R/K could have privacy and be together IF they really wanted to. But they don't. And so the whole world-media, tabloids, &random people sightings- is helping them hiding this relationship/secret child? No one cares that much except desperate shippers (who are dropping by the hour) You all have gone so far you're seeing things that aren't there, and ignoring the truth.

I'm sure you had a conference with your friend HKN to find some sort of excuse for Robs interview. Doesn't matter..what he said, he said. If he didn't say it, he would sue the magazine. What matters is that there is No marriage and No a Sweet P and you and HKN are the laughing stock of the entire fandom on both sides of the coin. So until the Epic comes out, you are a fool and will always stay a fool.

Regardless of your beliefs about R/K, this BS has perpetuated itself bc it was left untouched by both parties. This has escalated due to the no response policy by RK. I can make a list of the reasons, but that is futile. A couple, bf/gf/ husband/wife and or father/mother would never let this mayhem ensue about each other. Most of it is downright hateful and vile. Use you deductive reasoning and there is only one conclusion.

She wasn't recently seen with his backpack and guitar. They had TWO backpacks, they were given multiples of many things like sunglasses, backpacks, jackets, etc. And he gave her his OLD guitar case several years ago. He got a new one. It's not rocket science. He didn't want it any more and gave it to her. They are not together and they haven't been for well over a year now. The interview is not fake, he knows what he's saying. He's done with her, and he's so much better off without a cheater.

To go after a journalist who graduated from Cambridge and has been doing this for many years and a reputable magazine is pathetic. Just like you.

I love that Esquire interview so much because it makes you mad. lol

Girl, it is so obvious that he's talking about his and K's breakup and K cheating on him when he says shit happens. So, sorry but I chose to believe that they are not together anymore.

just accept the fact that they are over. I

Rob mentioned where he currently lives and mentions his next door neighbor in the interview. He wouldn't mention his neighbor if he didn't live there. The evidence is mounting. So that solves the mystery of where he lives. Rob said he was single in another interview. He said he didn't have kids in this interview. It is pretty clear.

you are too delusional. then do you care to explain what rob was talkin about when he said "shit happens" ? he really said that you know, the magazine can't put something he didn't say.

So what are you trying to say? That the interviewer just made up the quotes? I don't think that they are allowed to write things that the person didn't say. Then what was Rob referring to when he said " shit happens" and "The hardest part was talking about it afterwards. Because when you talk about other people, it affects them in ways you can’t predict"?? I can't think of anything else rather than his breakup with K and the incident.

I think fans if rk need to stop reading these magz at all if u cant handle it.

Yeah you just keep saying that Rob is not gonna be happy when he sees the interview. If he had been so bothered with people who had been rude to Kris he would have done something so far. But he hasn't. The papz still harass her, the interviewers still say shit about her, the media still dismisses her. So I don't believe that Rob loves her enough to stop them talk shit about her. Or they are already over so Rob has nothing to do with Kris.

So these my dear minions are the comments that I received from the FAINTERS yesterday and early this morning.   I have a hard time taking any of these comments seriously.  These ppl call me delusional and yet they read this article and read things in it that are not there!

Yes, this article ticked me off, but less the article cause this is just another day ending in "y" in this fandom, but more because of this type of response.  More because ppl either read into what's not there or they don't read what is there.

I've mentioned plenty of times that y'all need to learn to read critically.  And here I'm talking to most all y'all as Reese Witherspoon would say.

I'm beginning to realize that many of you have no idea what I mean by that.  I think you think that I mean you should read things and then criticize them...and that's not what reading critically means at all.

So...a little lesson from Mama Nails...I was a former teacher you know...

What Is Critical Reading?

Note: These remarks are primarily directed at non-fictional texts.

Facts v. Interpretation
To non -critical readers, texts provide facts. Readers gain knowledge by memorizing the statements within a text.

To the critical reader, any single text provides but one portrayal of the facts, one individual’s “take” on the subject matter. Critical readers thus recognize not only what a text says, but also how that text portrays the subject matter. They recognize the various ways in which each and every text is the unique creation of a unique author.

A non-critical reader might read a history book to learn the facts of the situation or to discover an accepted interpretation of those events. A critical reader might read the same work to appreciate how a particular perspective on the events and a particular selection of facts can lead to particular understanding.
What a Text Says, Does, and Means: Reaching for an Interpretation

Non-critical reading is satisfied with recognizing what a text says and restating the key remarks.

Critical reading goes two steps further. Having recognized what a text says , it reflects on what the text does by making such remarks. Is it offering examples? Arguing? Appealing for sympathy? Making a contrast to clarify a point? Finally, critical readers then infer what the text, as a whole, means , based on the earlier analysis.

These three steps or modes of analysis are reflected in three types of reading and discussion:
What a text says – restatement
What a text does – description
What a text means – interpretation .

You can distinguish each mode of analysis by the subject matter of the discussion:
What a text says – restatement – talks about the same topic as the original text
What a text does – description – discusses aspects of the discussion itself
What a text means – interpretation — analyzes the text and asserts a meaning for the text as a whole

Goals of Critical Reading

Textbooks on critical reading commonly ask students to accomplish certain goals:
to recognize an author’s purpose
to understand tone and persuasive elements
to recognize bias

Notice that none of these goals actually refers to something on the page. Each requires inferences from evidence within the text:
recognizing purpose involves inferring a basis for choices of content and language
recognizing tone and persuasive elements involves classifying the nature of language choices
recognizing bias involves classifying the nature of patterns of choice of content and language

Critical reading is not simply close and careful reading. To read critically, one must actively recognize and analyze evidence upon the page.
Analysis and Inference: The Tools of Critical Reading

These web pages are designed to take the mystery out of critical reading. They are designed to show you what to look for ( analysis ) and how to think about what you find ( inference ) .

The first part —what to look for— involves recognizing those aspects of a discussion that control the meaning.

The second part —how to think about what you find— involves the processes of inference, the interpretation of data from within the text.

Recall that critical reading assumes that each author offers a portrayal of the topic. Critical reading thus relies on an examination of those choices that any and all authors must make when framing a presentation: choices of content, language, and structure. Readers examine each of the three areas of choice, and consider their effect on the meaning.

As any good teacher knows...don't reinvent the wheel if you don't have here you have it...critical reading 101....

so...let's go back and look as some of the comments above for a few giggles shall we?  Yes, Yes we shall!

O God...I went back up to read what they wrote and I can't...I just can't.  Their words speak for themselves.  I'm sure in their minds what they wrote makes perfect sense to them.  They read that article and just had a hay day... or more likely they saw some of our reactions to the article and just made assumptions based on our comments about what was in the article.  Because there's no way that these ppl actually READ the same article that I read.  NO WAY!

I particularly like the comments from my "friend" from Keller, TEXAS...yes there are some anon's who's writing stands out that I can tag their comments without even looking at my tracking information and she's one of them.  She's absolutely obsessed with my blog and what I say and I think that the diagnosis above might fit her to a T! would if I was actually doing armchair psychoanalysis...LOL

But this is the comment above that says that Rob did this interview with his friend....The writer clearly stated that though he'd interviewed Rob before Rob had no recollection of meeting him and the writer had him over to his home, not the other way around.  So clearly my friend from Texas didn't actually read the article or doesn't actually know how to read?  Not really sure.

Oh...and classic...I do have to make a comment about my anon who gave me grief for daring to disparage a writer that graduated from Cambridge!  So sorry.  I didn't know that there was something about graduating from Cambridge that gave writers a pass for laziness and a sloppy work ethic.  And frankly just slimy behavior.  This guy invited Rob to his home and then this is what he wrote?  REALLY?  

You anon may give him a pass for this, but I don't have to.

But...I will say I've already said before and will talk about in more detail below...the issues I have with this article may have nothing to do with the journalist.  The article that he originally turned in to his editor, if I ever have a chance to read it may be just the kind of article that I thought I would read in Esquire.  But as anyone who knows anything about the world of print media, that once a writer turns in his/her articles that's where their involvement ends and the editor can add and delete to their hearts content.

So the interviewer pieced together little things that R said and constructed a narrative around it that is bogus. And people buy it, and get called idiots. But that is precisely what you do! Making inferences from pictures, interpreting their friends' instagrams, looking at little coincidences, and constructing a narrative around it. And you call those things proof of that narrative. So how come when you do it, it's absolute truth? this I also received and this I will address independent of the rest of the riffraff.

But seriously, I'm a blogger...I'm not a well respected publication that's known for in-depth truthful interviews. Not to say that what I've posted on my blog isn't the truth because my followers know that I do believe that what I've discussed over the last several months is true and that I've recently received independent verification. I've basically done an in-depth investigation over the last few months. Noting details and facts along the way. You may disagree with my original premise and my conclusions but none the less this is what I've done.

Also...nothing that I've said put either Kristen or Rob in a bad light. If anything, what I've discussed speaks to their strength. Their fight to keep their private life private and their ability to do so even in light of my little blog and my "reporting". Their strength in fighting for their relationship over the objection of many "fans" or the FAINTERS.   
And just celebrating with them the newest non-furry member of their little family.

But when reading an article in Esquire, I expect a journalist that interviewed a subject to stick to the topics that were actually discussed during the interview. A journalist isn't really supposed to be piecing together a bogus narrative.  Unless this was some in-depth investigation they shouldn't be piecing together a narrative at all.   This interview was just supposed to be an interview to discuss Rob's upcoming projects.  As we all should know by now Rob's not going to ever do an interview where he shares personal details about his relationship with Kristen!


So...I read the article over again and here's the thing...I can interpret two possibilities...but only one truly makes the most sense to me.

First...let's say that Rob was discussing in a few of his quotes the "incident of 2012"  Well, if so I agree with my anon that said this:

wait whats wrong with what he said? shit happens thats normal and honestly who gives a shit? i thought its a good thing

I have to say, that when it comes to Rob's answers if you accept the writers set up to his quote as being in regards to the "incident of 2012" than really...what is everyone getting freaked out about? Why is anyone giving Rob grief about it? Cause frankly...shit does happen and if I were to interpret that quote in light of the incident than I would say that Rob is over it and he's telling everyone else to get over it.  However, those that want to say he's confirming that he and Kris are done...are reading into the quote what is not said!

But here's the deal.  As most of you know, I've been following Rob and Kristen for a bit now and I've read and seen most all of their interviews.  And the one consistent theme from both of them is that they don't discuss their personal relationships.   So why now would Rob suddenly decide to talk about his personal life and why would he talk about the "incident of 2012"?  

So I can't believe that that's the case with this interview.

Here's what I think happened.  I think that the journalist may very well have had a lovely time with Rob.  He may have tried to get in a few personal questions and I've no doubt that Rob stonewalled him at every turn.  He wrote the article and frankly phoned it in on several of the details.  Like Rob finishing up filming The Rover last summer.  Sorry, but where did he pull that tidbit of information from?  His ass??  It really wouldn't have taken him that much time to find that Rob returned to the US from Australia in March of 2013.  Did he confuse summer with spring?  Maybe not a huge mistake but big enough to put doubts in my mind.

Hey don't these kinds of publications have fact checkers?  You know ppl's who's job it is to verify the fucking facts in an article???  Hmmm....sleeping on the job I'd say!

But let's leave that mistake alone and just look at a perfectly appropriate article about his upcoming movies, how Rob is focusing on who he's working with in terms of directors more than the actual scripts themselves, his penchant for stretching the truth and making up absurd comments during interviews as well as a bit about how crazy everything was for him during the promotion of Twilight.   

He turns in the article to his editor and the editor reads it and just thinks "meh"...good article but we need a bit of drama.  What can we add to this to sell this issue.  What do Rob's fans want?  So if you're an editor and you really don't know the true craziness of this fandom and all it's various factions and really how can you if you aren't part of this craziness, where do you go?  What are you gonna do to find out who your audience is for this article?  You're gonna go online and look at some Rob fan blogs.  And anyone that's ever looked at Rob fan blogs knows what you are going to find.  Cause if the editor is smart, he(or she) isn't just going to see the content of the blog but also the comments.  That's where you are going to find your true audience.  And you and I both know the kind of comments you are going to find on 90% of Rob only blogs.  You are going to find 90% of the comments are going to be someone saying something negative about Kristen, because truly these ppl are obsessed with Kristen.  And you are going to find that in many of these comments about Kristen they are going to say something about the "incident of 2012"  because those ppl are determined to make sure that NO ONE is allowed to put this in the past and that Kristen has to wear a "Scarlet A" around her neck for the rest of her life!

So...if you are an editor seeing this gold mine what are you going to do?  You are going to add in comments about the "incident of 2012" and make sure you talk about Kristen.  Because that's what your audience wants to read about and those are the ppl that will buy this issue.

Your writer already took care of any license you are taking by talking about the fact that Rob lies in there you have it your perfect get out of jail free card to use if anyone questions the information included. issue is published with the perfect audience in mind that will unfortunately buy it hook line and sinker!


Kudos to my critical readers...
Here are comments from my readers that made the same observations as I did!

Hey Mama back from vaca woohoo! Anyway been catching up and I have something to add about the esquire article. Funny thing about his answer about shit happens was where was the question? The answers that weren't personal had questions. The supposed answers about personal stuff had no questions. Wonder what the question really was that elicited his answers? tbellretreat

I think The only parts that Robert really said are the Jimmy Fallon parte and few others. Stop. The rest of the interview is invented , for the most. He told them where he lives? He talks bad about Kris? No fucking way. This is not rob. This is the Robert pattinson that the media wants to make Us believe he is.

I don't take any interview as the gospel truth. And what I've seen of this one is the same crap in a different package. I'm not going to stress over it. I do think Rob needs to get a publicist to put a lid on two years ago. It's getting old and it isn't relevant. Why, do you think, that some people want to believe they were just pr and nothing more? Love you, Sherry

I think when Rob said that shit happens and something about being young, I think he is telling people to get over it like he has. And he won't talk about Kristen to hurt her in an way by talking about it. He wants people to move on about it but the crazies want him to publicly hang her....which is something he would never do. They want blood for Rob whereas Rob is over it and could care less what his so called fans want. The mags just feeds the haters. Rob really needs someone to stop the nuts.

I don't know if someone mentioned this but the actual "quote" (and I put it that way because unless I hear his voice saying the actual words I will believe it) doesn't sound like a coherent answer to any question regarding 07/2012, the part that resonates is "It's just young people" like...I don't know. I just don't feel he is answering something regarding Kristen and what happened, even if he would never talk about it. xo Anne.

Hey MN, I buckled and read the interview. I am glad I did because this so called interview pitiful. Only the last 4 para had any substance to the Rover, the rest was filler. Also, a lot was borderline plagiarism. I've heard and read every quote R and K have said and this article took some of them and twisted them to make a story about R and how he has risen above Twilight. His only interest was doing indie films. Right his interest was K staring in an indie film. fred4me2

R may have said the words "Shit happens" etc., but we don't know what he was answering, or the real context in which he said this. I think he was defending K and urging haters to let the past go - as he and K have. Instead, his comments have been taken out of context and haters are dizzy with glee, whilst trashtoids feed their frenzy whilst making even more money treating R&K like shit. I feel sorry for them both and R must feel like crap today. When will this shit ever stop. It stinks!

More comments

Everything in HW is orchestrated. His team knows exactly what they want to accomplish. They have an image in mind that they want to protest. Privacy my a--. They keep all this going for a reason. Keeps his name in the mags. HW is smoke and mirrors. All he had to do originally is make a yes/no statement that's what other celebs do. It's the end of it.

Yes..there is absolutely a lot of smoke and mirrors in HW...but not everything is smoke and mirrors and as for answering yes/no in an interview you've agreed to do...No my darling that's not the way it works! Plus, please tell me...what questions did this journalist ask Rob? Cause I see no list of questions. Just commentary from the writer leading into quotes that are supposed to coincide within the writers narrative, but we have no idea what Rob was actually asked to know how his quotes actually fit those questions. We also don't know if Rob was quoted correctly and if you think that quotes are not taken out of context or just flat misquoted you know nothing about the media!

And here's a comment that I think is quite pertinent to this particular discussion....

I always pretty much believed anything published interviews have said, until I was interviewed and read the published version. I was in a show and played the main character. I was interviewed by the news paper and I was horrified buy what I read. I didn't say half the things they published. Some of it was what my costar said but they put my name on the end of the quote. I told the director that I was misquoted and he said that they haven't got an interview right in years. Therefore don't take anything published too seriously. Until it comes from him speaking with his voice and going into your ear drums no one should worry about anything

I know there will be ppl that will believe that I made up this comment above and I wish the person had not made it anon but it truly did come to me just as you see it here. But I'm going to add to their comment and say that even in recorded interviews you have to be cautious about how the interview is edited. Make sure you are looking at the context and the full answer not just what is being said but how it's being said. This is even more important when dealing with Rob because as we all know, Rob has his special way of dealing with the media doubly so if discussing topics he doesn't want to discuss!

I dont understand why journalists feel the need to bash kristen it doesn't make rob look good its just a pathetic and underhanded way to sell more articles, i started to read the article and then just stopped when they mentioned the scandal i mean jesus they really don't have anything to go on so they bring up bull from what 2 years ago it just shows how poor this persons journalism skills are.

Me Neither!

Just asking MN will this story (Esquire) generate ANY interest now the Orlando Bloom/Justin Beiber incident has gone viral LOL! anyway I think I am done with this bullshit K is working on her 3rd film this year, with critical acclaim all around her. Rob has done equal to his life partner. Personal life is well + happy let the assholes speculate they have shit + THE Robsessed, fainters + haters Ha Ha u keep talking about K becuz U know in your heart in aint over btwn these 2 , Esq. as bad as THR

Since all I know about the Bloom/Beiber incident is the video I have no earthly idea what you think might be the correlation between these two events! for Kristen and Rob they are doing great professionally and personally I think that they are better than ever. At least I know that most new parents are tired but giddy about their new child!

Rob and Kristen are far from being over as much as there are those that wish this to be so!

These magazine articles aren't hurting Kristen. What are they going to say about Kristen that hasn't already been said? They're hurting Robert because they're letting 2-yr-old news take over articles about his current career. I've never heard any man say, "I'm going to see that man's movie because he & his girlfriend had problems." Who's actually talking about The Rover right now because of that article? If they believe his relationship is over, then y keep bringing it up? I'm sad for him.

I disagree, I think every time that the "incident of 2012" is brought up it hurts Kristen. Maybe not professionally since I think HW is smarter than we sometimes give it credit. At least it seems obvious from all the projects Kristen has in the can, currently in production and soon to filmed that she's doing just fine and whatever the fuck happened back in 2012 has had no bearing upon her career. 
  (interesting that that same event seems to have ruined another's career...I think that speaks loudly to who was seen in the industry as being more culpable! Just desserts if you ask me!)

But I will agree that I think that this does hurt Rob. You are right, the general public that might be drawn to one of Rob's new movies doesn't give a shit about his personal life. It's only us crazy fans that are hyper aware of his every move.

I am fascinated by how threatened ppl are by Kristen, what is their need to attack here, do they honestly think by insulting her, they automatically raise Rob's profile? that is so stupid, just fascinated why this stupid incident from so long ago carries so much weight in the media, Why were so many happy to see the so-called demise of RK, why did that bother them, why this obsession with attacking her? can anyone answer this question becuz I have seen many media stories come and go but not this

anon you pose so many good questions and I wish I had answers that were better than the ones I've been posing for months now. When it comes to the media I think that it's just that for them drama sells. But the larger picture as to who is threatened by Kristen? That is truly the $64M question. And to me I think maybe you just need to go back to the top of my post and see the comments there. Most of these ppl truly feel threatened by her it's obvious regarding the comments that they made.

Love your blog, Rob be a damn man, and put the stop to these fricken attacks on Kristen, So sick of her being the fricken punching bag to every wanna be writer in LIARWOOD!! 2012 is over and done with, stop the Trampire crap!! God, that pisses me off!! How about the next writer ask Rob, "How grateful are you that Kristen chose YOU, to go on this journey with her?" BTW, By her being mentioned in every fricken written so called interview, she totally owns their asses!!! Bow down Bitches!!

I think that if there was truly something to be gained Rob would speak up. But as I've said so many times he and Kristen are caught between a rock and a hard place. Damned if they do and damned if they don't. 

I totally agree that the "trampire" comment in the interview was totally unnecessary. But I would remind ppl...go back and watch Will Farrell again. Actually LISTEN to what he is saying and who his comment is actually directed at. He's not making fun of Kristen with this comment. He's making fun of all the robsessed/FAINTERS and doing it much so that they don't even pick up on his utter disdain for them and making really NOTHING into way more than it EVER was!

But you are right about Kristen owning their asses! Just like I've said several times, the robsessed/FAINTERS were Esquires chosen audience for this article and we've all known for years that Kristen owns their asses!

carowren said:  Keep sharps away from me. As one who taught how to separate fact from fiction and differentiate between sources from others who have nothing to gain, I just might cut my throat. I can not believe Anon who thinks every thing she reads in any magazine must be the truth.I notice that foreign journalists seem to have the most trouble writing credible information gained directly from R. R's management do not control what is said. R trolls out of self defense. He needs a publicist to stop the probes.

This is what I've wanted to read for ages. I was upset how Kristen was treated after the pictures came out and the did regard for the fact that it happened 2 years ago. I like the idea they are still together with a family. Esquire is for twits. Rob has even admitted he makes things up so people don't know about his life. And Kristen never tells. The press are fuelling sick fantasies from Robs fans that disregard Kristen and it makes me mad. But I bet she could not give a shit I'm glad x

I don't know. I feel differently about the article. Rob said (and has said before) that he is making a conscious effort to stay out of the toids. What better way for both K and him to do that than to have "legit" mags sell it? That way interest in them as a couple dies down and they can start living more normal lives. The real fans will always know the truth just like we did from the beginning, and still know now.

I'm sorry, but I can't see Rob every agreeing to do this! If that's what this article was meant to do this billed it wrong and it should have only focused on that and the truth is the article was disjointed and was all over the place without any true focus!

MN I need to vent. I am a bit annoyed that everyone is running with the esquire article and framing it around the incident - thought a bit more about yahoo but now I know. Many will have egg on their face when the truth comes out! Time to egg the nonnies, tabs and all.

immsjessel said:  I dunno. I just find it unusual. It seems like its not Rob. Its like there is a different person talking. Its not the usual Robert-sque kind of interview. The funny answers. Ugh. I cant explain it. I just think something is wrong in the interview. Plus, whenever its about K haters are always there. What is it about K that they hate so much? Oohh I know a certain man that they can never have. A good life. A love life. Success. Happiness. They are a bunch of envy trolls.

Hi Phronsie! Well this Esquire's interview make noise didn't it ! All this (the drama and lies etc) is exactly the reason I stopped getting excited to read ANY R's written interviews since the Dior's campaign! Even then they were getting on my nerves so much ALWAYS bringing up K and the past !!! With or without her, she's always mentioned, each and every single time ! Like I said before K should be the one getting paid by the mags for the promo and stuff because it's all about her ! Anabelle

Interviews are half truths. You agree to talk about work not your personal life unless you WANT to talk about it. He didn't give the interviewer a lot to go on, hence bringing up K many times. So whatever shit is written or thrown at her, she rises.

Sorry Rob's mgmt does not get final approval on what goes in those articles. He has complained in the past about being misquoted in interviews. Do people really think Mr. I Don't Sell My Private Life would've been ok with all the personal details in this article?

christine51us said:  Well I read the article and I knew before the I was thru the first paragraph that it was going to be full of BS. I think all of your followers should go to there site and tell them what they think of there article. I know I'm going to look it up and do just that. I think the only way they will ever do a story that isn't full of BS is to protest. If enough of his and Kristen's fans do it will stop.

I wholeheartedly agree! I certainly hope that anyone that is a fan and true supporter of the two of these great talents will not run out and buy this and will go and let Esquire know that they did a shoddy job on this article and they missed the mark on who their true audience is regarding Rob. So I would encourage all my followers to share your feelings with Esquire!

My Lovers!

Love you and keep up the good fight. I would like to think that Rob and Kristen got marrried on the Isle of Wight during his two month visit home since they spent some time there. In late autumn early winter last year was the longest period that Rob stayed with his famiy in recent years so maybe he with his family's help co-ordinate the wedding.

loveinstar said:  I just read your last Q&A posts hun. So many are crazed out from some interview Rob had. Honestly, I don't bother to read them. Like I told you before, I am not so much into the social life of stars. But I love RK+baby. I love your blog. It's a blessing bc, I can see what you see. Sadly we all know how the media loves to squeeze and press everything into a light that fit the tabloids like said interview. So when I want to know something, I have your blog <3♥

HI!!! I just want to say your posts make me really happy. *giggles*

Wow everyday is always a drama in this fandom. Take a rest mama you deserve've done enough answering these hateful comments from people. Seriously let them talk and make fool of themselves, they'll got tired eventually

I think after this post, I'm gonna put to rest the topic of this article and that you are right I do deserve a rest!


I don't know about y'all but if this article proved anything to me at all it's either that the robsessed/Fainters need some serious therapy or they are feeling the shaking ground upon which they are walking and it's making them a bit pissy!

What do you think?

Until the next drama ensues....
(damn I wonder how long my hands have to recuperate??)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Babygate Recap/Update

Hello my dear minions...I've had a lot of ppl getting very confused and I've decided to help with some of your confusion.

Lately, I've been much more certain about the information that I've been sharing with you all over the last Seven Months...My certainty comes from two places...first, I've seen what I've seen, I've been following this story for a long time and documenting the evidence for so long that I never had any doubts that Kristen and Rob had a baby.

What I didn't know with 100% certainty was if they were in fact married.  But after following these two and getting to know them as I have, it's been pretty obvious to me that they are pretty traditional ppl.  They both believe in love, they believe in family and they believe in commitment and I had little doubt that if they were going to have a child together they would prefer to do that as a married couple.  Though I can see Rob being a bit more of a traditionalist than Kristen, but I certainly don't think she had any qualms about marrying Rob...'s a bit of a re-cap/update 

Let's start at the beginning and help some of my new minions catch-up...

I want to go on the record that I'm not the only person in the fandom to discuss Kristen being pregnant...but to my knowledge I'm the only blogger that has put together the evidence over time that I've put together.  And as one of my twitter peeps put it...I'm one of the few outlets that the naysayers and haters have to release their contempt and distain for the very idea that Rob and Kristen are still together as a couple let alone having a child.  I'm not sure if there's anyone that has gotten the same kind of hate that I have...but...I'll admit, I brought it upon myself and though at times I've been frustrated by it...I've also had some mighty good laughs at their expense.

One more point regarding my detractors before I continue with the recap...

It seems to me that we like to place our celebrities on pedestals just for the sport of knocking them off...I’ve seen the very same thing on my blog! In order to prove me wrong they’ve attacked Rob and Kristen. Rob’s a bad father because he spent too much time away from Kristen while she was pregnant and now how dare he go out to a concert or go bowling with friends! 

"Bad daddy, bad daddy!"...they scream!

Kristen has been accused of doing EVERY thing wrong while she was pregnant! So of course there’s no way she could be pregnant or if she is there’s no way that baby could be healthy!

"Bad mommy, bad mommy!"...they scream!

The sad thing about many of these attacks…I know that they came from ppl that are supposedly fans! But the only way they knew how to fight me…was to attack Rob and Kris!

Sad…very very sad!!!  I wonder how proud of themselves they'll be when the truth is revealed???

If there's any hope for this world they will feel ashamed at their actions and at their words.  But...alas I'm probably living in a dream world.

So...Again...From the beginning...Hindsight is a truly marvelous thing!

July 2013

Kristen arriving at the Chanel Show
PFW July 2013
Looking very thoughts at the time...almost too skinny!

August 2013

Kristen Filming Camp X-Ray
I loved how healthy she looked during this time...we didn't get a lot from set but we did see her out and about and she was looking great!  Loved seeing her back at work.

Did anyone hear about the story that Lane Garrison shared that Kristen had gotten a bit seasick when they filmed the scenes on the boat?  Hmmm???  Wonder if that was seasickness or perhaps caused by her new stow-away!  LOL

September 2013

Kristen on the set of Clouds of Sils Maria
Still looking really healthy and seeming to enjoy her time working.

October 2014

Kristen filming a skinny dipping scene for Clouds of Sils Maria.
The picture that made most of us say...Hmmm????

Is she?  Isn't she??
I was having discussions behind the scenes.  At this point I wasn't on twitter.  I wasn't reading other blogs other than what was on my I wasn't seeing anyone else discussing whether or not she was pregnant.  All the discussion I was having was with other fans mostly over the phone.  A little via email.

I'll admit that we looked...but we for the most part put it aside...and moved on.

November 2013

I'll admit that I was still checking out pix in November, saw a few here and there that were questionable...but still hadn't come to any conclusion.

It was probably about this time that I started to check out other blogs and I think that I started reading HKN...Saw that she had announced that Kristen was in fact pregnant.  I've said this before but I think it bears repeating....I rolled my eyes when I read this.  I just thought it was a little ballsy to make that type of announcement as fact at that time...but....more power to her.  LOL

December 2013

Kristen at the Dallas Chanel Event announcing that she would be the new face of the Dallas-Paris Collection.

This was the night that changed everything for me.  This was the night where I was convinced that she was pregnant.  But it's funny when I first saw the pix I literally said to myself...

"Well, that's that...she's definitely not pregnant!"  

Why did I say this...because I thought...there's no way that she'd be showing off her belly if she was pregnant...but the more pix that came out the more confused I got and then finally there was this pic...

Looking at the side view it became clear to me that Tara Swennen is a genius!  She chose a Chanel Outfit that was the perfect camouflage to hide a pregnancy.
The high waist of the trousers, the bare top of her midriff and the sweater tied around her waist all did their part to hide in plain sight what would have otherwise been the obvious rounding of her belly.  Add  to that the fact that Kristen is obviously not wearing a bra....go back to the pix from July ...let's just say the Stewbies have a new zip code!  LOL

Wasn't it nice of me to do the work for you....LOL

January 2014

Kristen at Sundance promoting Camp X-Ray.  We all know Kristen is a fidgety girl...but I've never seen her so aware of her wardrobe before and making sure that her belly was covered as much as possible.  This is just one example.  

Some ppl made the comment..."It was cold"  Well then why the hell is she wearing short sleaves???  

February 25, 2014

This is the gif that just keeps on giving...
Look at the baby move.  That's right peeps the only explanation for what you are seeing there is a baby.

First you can see an obvious bulge under her shirt.  I'm sorry my darlings that want to claim this as an air baby...air cannot produce what you are seeing.  There is form and definition to this bulge and then the bulge pushes out.  The belly bulge is also in counter point to the air that flutters Kristen's jacket.  And notice that the air just flutters her jacket...that small breeze in no way could produce the movement of her belly.  The "air baby" scenario defies the laws of physics.  If you don't know what that means...go look it up!

Add to the obvious movement in Kristen belly the smirk on her face right after it happens and we all know that she couldn't miss RJ's obvious gymnastic moves going on at that moment.  I think that was little RJ showing her ass to the world...telling the haters to fuck off in the only way she could!

March 22, 2014

Kristen posing with a fan on the set of Still Alice.  Showing off RJ...

This in hindsight is about a month before RJ was born.

April 2014

Kristen on the set of American Ultra...
Could they have her more bundled up.  My understanding is that it was particularly cold in New Orleans while they were shooting these particular scenes.  But if the film demanded that she be dressed differently we know that no matter the temperatures on set that day she would have worn the costume that was appropriate for the scene.  The actual temperature on set at the time of filming  would have no barring on her costume.  As we know from filming The Twilight Saga.  And for us really crazy fans...we know that Adventureland was filmed in Pittsburg in October and yet the movies was set during the summer.  So in many of the scenes our poor Kristen was probably freezing her ass off in her short-shorts and t's.

So I'm certain this costume was decided upon long before they started filming that day and was only one of the reasons why Kristen agreed to do this film at this time.

This was one of the last photos we got from Kristen before RJ was born.

May 5, 2014

Kristen looking fierce in an illusions gown by Chanel.
I'll admit it, at the time we got these photos I still thought Kristen was pregnant...I was wrong.  More details on this to come.

But damn...that girl looks good!

May 23, 2014

Kristen's portrait from the Clouds of Sils Maria Premiere at Cannes 2014.

As soon as I saw her at the premiere it was obvious that she wasn't pregnant.  At least not anymore.

She looks spectacular...but if you ask me and other I know agree, there's a new air about her.  A new confidence.  That wasn't there before.  I think we got a small glimpse of it at The Met Gala...but it was even more intense at Cannes.


So that's the timeline.  You can see that slowly from December through April Kristen's body changes.  All the changes I noted, I fully attributed to pregnancy.  People wanted and did attack me for claiming that Kristen was fat.  Kristen has NEVER been fat and she certainly was never fat while she was pregnant.  She was so far from being fat that she was able to hide her pregnancy in plain sight.  She changed the way she dressed, dressing in more and more layers, not just due to cold but to camouflage.  She's a young woman that was in very good shape prior to getting pregnant and looks to have stayed active and in very good shape and health throughout her pregnancy.

We don't have any pix of her right prior to her giving birth, so we'll never know unless she chooses to share if she ever "popped" like we are trained to expect pregnant women to look during their pregnancies.  But if I and my followers learned nothing else, we learned that not all women look the same while their pregnant.   I'm sure we've all seen some women and assumed by looking that they are pregnant when they're not and now I'm certain that I've more than likely passed by women that are pregnant that I would have NEVER guessed that they were.

Just remember there is a television show devoted to this topic:   I didn't know I was pregnant!
Check it out's an eye opener.


News from My Sources...oops...I meant Experts

So many of you are aware that I now have "sources" or experts as I like to prefer to call them.  Because they are more expert than true sources since they have no direct contact with Rob or Kris.

A little bit of background without giving away who they are.  They are fans.  They have been following my blog for a time and frankly they weren't convinced at first.   But they decided that they would use their unique skills to either prove me wrong or prove me right.

So...they got to work.

I had no idea that this was going on.  I didn't find out until I got this information from one of them.

June 17th...

I received a message that they had found proof that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were in fact married.    As I mentioned, they had not been convinced that I was right.  So to say that they were beyond excited to have discovered this information is putting it just a bit mildly.

I believe that this is an apt depiction of one of their reactions when they discovered the information.

I will not give all the details...that is between myself, my experts and RK's business to share or not as they see fit!

I will share this...I wasn't 100% convinced that this information was on the up and up.  But when my experts shared the details and were willing to talk to me over the phone, I knew that the likelihood that they were on the up & up was great.

June 21st

Same experts shared via email and a phone conversation confirmation of the birth of the baby.  This information I will admit is not as concrete as the marriage information.  We have not found a birth certificate.  This is impossible to get being that none of us are the parents of said child.   But what they were able to find was almost as good if not better in my book.

This information convinced me that I was right in my Coincidence & the Obvious post that the baby is indeed a girl!  Also I will share that based on the information the baby looks to have been born somewhere the week of Easter...though we did not get a firm date.  So timeline that I posed in Tales from the Darkside Vol. VII was spot on except for the confusion/misdirection we were handed when she began filming American Ultra.

At this time...What I believe happened is that American Ultra production knew very well that Kristen was pregnant and how far along she would be when they wanted to start filming.  They obviously wanted her bad enough for the role that they were willing to accommodate her and her due date.  I think that this helps to explain why the production was longer than your typical indie shoot!  I believe due to the evidence that we have that she started production the first of April (we got pix from NOLA) and then wrapped up her first part of filming on April 17th which was when we got pix of her at the airport filming scenes there.  I wouldn't even be surprised if she had her bags packed and left directly from the airport after the director yelled "cut/that's a wrap for today" and winged her way back to LA to await the birth of her daughter.  Oh...yeah...I'll share this to, the baby was born in L.A.  Like mother, like daughter....LOL

I then believe it likely that Kristen did not return to set until the week of Cannes.  We heard that there was a reporter that was going to interview them on set Monday, May 19th.  So I'm pretty damn certain that Kristen was in town for Rob's birthday and more than likely was the one that threw him the party at CM.  After returning to set, she probably stayed a few days to film and this was one of the reasons that there were questions about whether she was going to be able to make it to Cannes or not and probably why she didn't make it to Cannes until a few hours prior to the red carpet event.

Based on this...The Met Gala was Kristen's first appearance about 2 weeks after giving birth.  And for the pregnancy police/moral brigade, it is my understanding that Kristen was required to attend The Met Gala as part of her contract with Chanel.


More from my Experts!

As my relationship with my experts continued I put them to the test and asked them to do a few favors for me.  And their assistance has been greatly appreciated and has paid off in spades!

First I asked them to take a look at this pic for me....

Is this Kristen?

Do you all remember this pic??  It came out June of 2013 after the "fake-up"

Well..everybody and their brother swore this was not Kristen.
Well guess what?!

Yep...I think y'all guessed where this is headed.  I was right when I said I was certain this was Kristen.  My experts analyzed the photo and determined that it is indeed Kristen Stewart.

Is this RK??

per my experts:

Taco pics: 98.690% female in white shirt is Kristen. 82.444% male in dark clothing with black hat is Rob. Percentage sounds low for Rob but considering line thru pic, it's actually very high.

Is this Rob?

This is a pic from the wedding that we know for certain Suzie attended in London in September and  someone identified as possibly being Rob...I thought maybe so and then I thought maybe I shared with my experts and...

Sorry Charlie's....

Per my experts:
No, sorry, not Rob.  Nothing in the face matches up.  Interestingly enough, this guy's fingers have measurements that come real close to Rob's regarding length but width is way off.  Don't know who thought it was Rob but the computer dinged pretty fast, saying there was no match. Anatomically, nothing showed a similarity.

I just have to add...though this is not Rob.  I have no doubt whatsoever that Rob and Kristen attended his cousins wedding...take that however you'd like to take it... 

4th of July pix...

per my experts:

BTW, someone mentioned the man sitting in the chair in the blue board shorts was Rob's dad.  It's not. We have several photos of Richard and even though we don't have his face in this pic, which would be ideal, we can estimate his height, his body structure and skin tone.  None of those match Richard Pattinson. 

Because there were ppl originally saying this was a NotRob...I asked and quickly got confirmation that it was indeed Rob as I suspected.  Then I got the full pic that showed a woman sitting near Rob and forwarded it back to my experts asking if it was Kristen and....

per my experts:

To be honest, I'm actually surprised with the results.  Not that I didn't think it was Kristen but this is a very tough one to work with. 

Regarding individual to left and partially obstructed by wicker type structure, it is a 86.0099% match to Kristen J Stewart.

While the percentage seems on the low side, due to partial and obstructed views, giving only a minimal right side profile as well as an unfocused and limited view of right eye, these results are considered to be an absolute match.

Several perspectives were taken into consideration, including height, body build and skin tone. Hair color cannot be considered due to over 82% being obstructed due to frontal structure as well as time of day, taking into account the trajectory of sunlight, giving a possible inaccurate hue of individuals hair texture as well as color.

And because ppl were giving me such crap regarding these results they were offended that their expertise was under scrutiny and gave me even more information to share...

Viewing subject previously identified at Kristen J Stewart, upon closer look at scalp hair, it has a darker tone.  Looking at hair length, you see nothing but an almost "white" hue.  This is literally called "white out". It happens when the flash of a camera or the direction of the sun or a strong light hits the subjects hair directly.  You get nothing but a bright white color, preventing you from seeing subjects true hair color.  In contrast, looking at subject previously identified as Robert Pattinson, his hair has the hue of a dark brown and as is widely known, Mr. Pattinson does not have naturally dark brown hair.

I have compared this "white out" in the 7/4 pics to several photos from KS at her appearance in Cannes.  Though her hair was down and obviously a bright red tone, there are areas of her hair that take on a bright white tone.  Again, this is "white out".  

I believe the point has been proven.

Regarding the dating of photos.  It is a process called chronographing and when photos are scanned for facial recognition, it is automatically checked for dating.  We will never get an exact date but when a photo is older than 6-8 months, we know.

I can say with 100% accuracy, the photos in question do not exceed dating of 6-8 months, thus making them recent.  Another hint is the tinsel type decoration wrapped around the wicker structure.  In researching this, it was found to be a common decoration used during any holiday denoting an American celebration, such as July 4, being that the tinsel was of a red/white/blue color pattern.

If necessary, I could provide much more technical evidence but in reading some viewers responses and comments, I don't believe they would understand.

pool party pix 
Is this RK?

This pic came to my attention via a follower's...Lady T...she knew that if anyone could confirm that RK were at this party together.  I had the peeps to do it!

Per my experts:
In the above questioned photos, focus was primarily on the two white circled areas. (In the original pic I sent...they were circled in white) Considering the circle on the left: it is with a 98.009% conclusive result that the person in question (dark ball cap, white tank type shirt) is that of Kristen J Stewart.  Considering the circle on the right:  it is with a 96.778% conclusive result that the person in question (dark ball cap worn backwards, dark short sleeve t shirt) is that of Robert Pattinson.

The above result was conclusively reached by standard forensic facial recognition.  

Is this Rob?

This is the only evidence that the trashtoids and the haters were able to come up with to link Rob & Dylan Penn together.  Let's see how this worked out for them shall we?

Per my experts:

Regarding the above picture on the left, focus was primarily on second subject from left.  It is with a conclusive result of less than 2.003% that this individual is Robert Pattinson.  

I also scanned the subject on the far left as well as the far right.  At this time, there is no recognition in databank of either individual. Which means, subjects are considered "unknowns".

Conclusive results were reached by standard facial recognition.


So there you have it my dear minions...I do now have experts assisting me when their unique talents are needed.  They haven't been with me for very long...but their input has been a godsend.   They have confirmed my theory and helped us determine that Rob and Kristen may be avoiding the paps but they are "hiding" in plain sight.  I do believe that as long as I don't inundate them with too much stuff and respect their right to their anonymity that they will continue to assist me as needed as we go forward. I also have little doubt that Rob and Kristen have gotten very good at giving the paps the slip...but it doesn't seem to be keeping them from going to parties and hanging out with their friends and just living their lives.  


Bloggers Note:
I do have to make one small point... if you come to me and tell me that you've been on vacation and you want me to catch you up on what's been happening while you've been away...just know that you are on your own.  Make sure that you note where you left off on my blog prior to leaving town.... I'm happy that you got to get away from it all, but I have no sympathy for you and while you were gone, I was here updating my blog everyday in addition to running my business.  Do you really think it's fair to ask me to take additional time out of my day to catch you up on all that you may have missed while you got to go and have fun.  While I for one say NO!  Sorry, but I just had to say this.