Saturday, October 18, 2014

Has a new businsess venture gone awry?

First I want to say thank you to everyone that has not given up on Rob and Kristen and have realized that there is more to what is going on then what the pictures seem to be telling.

When I see a look like this on Rob's face for any other woman but Kristen than I'll believe he's moved on...but not before!

I am assured that Rob and Kristen are perfectly fine, Kristen is aware of everything that is going on and has given her blessing because this is just as much an investment on her part as it is on Rob's.

We all know how passionate both Rob and Kristen are about music.  But what some may not know is that that passion has translated into a business venture.  The exact extent of this business venture I don't have all the details but I do know that what we are currently witnessing from Europe is solely and explicitly part of that new business adventure.

The problem that I see with this is not the business itself but the person that they chose to back.  I think as a friend of a friend was presented as a professional, but in her European tour she's not acted like the consummate professional that we know Rob and Kristen to be.  She's shown up late to many of her concerts and frankly she's not proven herself enough to pull this crap!  So...when Rob should either be in Chicago researching for his role, Toronto or just back in LA spending time with his family he is instead playing babysitter.  And while playing babysitter he's getting some PR for her as an added benefit.

Some ppl think that he's trying to save his investment but I think that if this was just about money he would have washed his hands of it all....this is a business investment after all and any loss would be a tax right off.   Something much needed for anyone with the amount of wealth that he and Kristen have accumulated.  This is about protecting his reputation and his contacts that he's used to help this girl get her career off the ground in the United States.

I can say with my limited knowledge that I believe that there were better ways for him to go about all of this, but Rob has always done what he wants and he'll continue to do what he wants without fans interference.

He doesn't care what the media says about him, he doesn't care what "fans" say about him.  He cares what ppl that know him and trust him think about him.  That's what I believe he's trying to protect at the moment and if he gets to fuck with the media while he's at it he's happy to do so.

Does anyone remember his interviews recently.  The interviews where he's explicitly said that the media particularly the gossip media lies.  They take the pictures and "create" stories to go with them.  As most of my long time followers will know...I've long since given up on the gossip rags, there's not one publication that you can buy at the grocery store checkout that would know the truth about Rob or Kristen if it smacked them in the face or if they do they're not interested in publishing it.

So for the ppl that want to bring me the latest from the gossip sites, you can stop because I don't care and I'll never care except to get a good laugh.  If you name a gossip rag that comment will be deleted...because I refuse to give any gossip rag the respect of naming them and thus promoting them on my blog.  They don't deserve the recognition nor the publicity.


Below are comments I've received recently that speak to this current always they are anonymous unless otherwise noted....

*Traveling with her around Europe instead of being at home with his new born. He is really taking his new music manager title seriously. Do you think he's setting this up as something to do when he's done acting?

I think that this is just a new business adventure, not necessarily something to fall back on.   I think he's passionate about music and if he can use his connections to help talented ppl he's happy to do so.
I personally think that he has a long career ahead of him in film...if not always in front of the camera...then behind it.

*"I'm just trying to not be in stupid gossip magazines, basically, and I think the best way to do it is never be photographed ever." Robert Pattinson, Cannes 2014. If someone has any doubts, just read this.

I admit that I've had moments of doubts and then I remember the pic of K leaving the airport with luggage behind her with tags from France. Like how many days prior did we get those pics before the fanado? There's just no way that's a coincidence. ❤️

I'm not 100% convinced about this.  The tags on her luggage say AirFrance and ppl say because she exited the airport from the international terminal that this means she must have flown so happens that AirFrance does not land in LAX at the international terminal.  They land in terminal 2...but once you land in the airport as long as you don't leave the secured areas you are free to travel from terminal to there are many reasons as to why her luggage was wrapped and we are never going to know what that is...

It will forever remain a mystery.  LOL  Just like most everything with regards to Rob and Kristen.

I agree, he does look more like her manager, than couple "desperately in love", as the Nonnies are trying to make them out to be. Like you said he produced her video, so this was a stop-over for him to manage his client's Paris gig. So it wouldn't surprise me either if he's also financing her tour as well. The haters tried to make us think those videos were the second coming and it would truly be the end of us. Turns out it was nothing to get upset or excited about. Marion

Hi Marion, it is my understanding that he produced her video and he has some financial investment in her tour as well as probably contacts that helped get her venues within the US....But the whole extent of his involvement I don't know....

Not sure this went through previously. I heard Oct 30 thu Jan 5 are new dates for Idol Eyes. Rob seems too distracted to start filming in a few days. Have you heard anything? And yes I know you don't have a crystal ball but sometimes you do have info we don't.

The date are actually October 30th through January 10th...they will be on hiatus through the holidays.  
But I will say this, if you believe that this change in filming has anything to do with Rob you are a fool.  Rob is a professional through and through and he would never let something as trivial as what's going on in Europe affect his reputation with his coworkers.  I do believe that he took advantage of the change to deal with a problem!

Hi Mama, Do you have some concrete evidence that you know you can trust that Rob and Kristen are ok? I really think they are too. Kristen just looks so happy. Rob with those pictures just seems so out of character for him. The windows and walls in that store. They would step behind the wall just at a right time it seemed. Rob always walked ahead of her out doorways which is not gentlemanly. When he's laughing around that street corner she just stands there. She doesn't get his humor not like K.

No one can say 100% that they know for certain what is going on with Rob and Kristen except for Rob and Kristen.  Those are the two ppl that will always know where they stand with each other.  I have however heard from several different avenues consistently that what we are seeing is Rob acting as manager/PR rep.

It's funny that some ppl, ppl that have always claimed that Kristen is a talentless hack are claiming that she's such a great actress now...acting the part of being happy....

Mama, I'm going to talk about this once, then I'm putting it behind me. Let's just observe the 'new photos' where Rob is unloading the stuff from the car. Not once did we see him turn around on check on his "new tree toy". Now lets compare these photos to when he is walking with the LOVE OF HIS LIFE. Do you all see the difference? The protectiveness? The awareness that his love is there? And in the videos, it 'just so happens' that the white beam was covering them when he was supposedly  'kissing' her. Yea, right, 'just so happened'. Look at how uncomfortable all his touches were. The whole bloody thing was clearly PR, and planned in a way such that it 'just so happened' to cover them. God, open your eyes people! Unnecessary drama over something that we have absolutely no solid proof on. The only love in his life right now (and likely forever) is KRISTEN! Grrrrrr. Rant over. Love, C....oasisofcalm23

Mama, how soon we forget! Was it only a couple of weeks ago we all watched as Kristen's jet landed and folks scattered. It was as if Rob and his gang were roaches and Kristen turned on the light. All the public shit just stopped. As if Tiny little Kristen just shut all that shit down. So, if that's his new love, why stop the public shows when your ex. lands. I might have been born at night but not last night. Are we really suppose to be that stupid. Peace!!

Lol...this is classic.  Kristen returns from Singapore and Rob and Kris go mia for days!  A certain singer leaves LA unseen and starts her concert tour in Europe with a no show from her new *beau*  It's too funny for words for ppl that don't see the writing on the wall.  Why did Rob suddenly show up in Europe?  Well it wasn't to rekindle anything, I can assure you of that!

Hey Its been a while since I've said anything to you. I was just reading some of your comments. I have to ask did you see the pics of them leaving Paris, She looked down right pissed I can only guess why. Could it have been because Rob was walking way ahead of her, not helping with her bags, oh and they looked heavy. I don't know what is going on but I don't for one minute think that he is with her. I'm on the ship of him getting involved with the music business. He has said that in an interview....from christine51us

LOL...he's not there to make her happy...he's there to get her some publicity and make sure she's showing up when she's supposed to show up.  Not sure how this is all working out, but this is for him to deal with not me...thank god!  I'd tell her to put on her big girl panties and get to fucking work and I certainly wouldn't be holding her hand.  If she wants a career in the music industry she's got to suck it up.  It's fucking hard work and excuses like feeling sick cause you were on the tour bus isn't gonna cut it!

Just wanted to say that I can smell BS all the way down here in Australia.. Haha. Should have found your blog a lot sooner (^_^) ~ from L

If it smells like's usually shit!  LOL  Glad you found me also!

I still love RK and probably always will. I do believe they are together but have many questions, and I have to admit sometimes I would like to slap Robert. He has a wife and daughter, and he should be home with them. There is just too much we don't know, and I hate reading all the comments on Tweeter and Tumbler. Hopefully we will have an answer sooner, rather than later. Love your blog...lovefeny100

You don't have to spend 24/7 with your family to be a good husband and father/wife and mother.  We need to stop judging them...period.  

We don't have to agree with everything that Rob and Kristen do, but as fans we don't have a right to dictate their lives.  I may not agree 100% with what Rob is currently doing but I'm certainly not making any judgements on him as a father or a husband.  The only ppl that have a right to do that are Kristen and his daughter (and frankly she's too young to know WTF is going on!)

Have you ever noticed how everything went to hell after that stupid wedding of Bobby Long. Strange how the guys are still hanging out in LA while Rob is running with t. Keep the faith.  

Interestingly, though Rob went to her concert in LA prior to the wedding I do not believe that he met her until he was in NY for the this all seems to be going along with this event....

Hey MN.... So much drama everyday!! I believe there is more to this than what's being told or we know. I don't want to even fathom the comments I been reading on facebook about respecting his choice to be with her. I will believe in their love until its told I should believe something else. I hope u r having a good evening. TD....mytd35

I have the utmost respect for Rob and if I for one second believe that he was doing anything more than playing hand holder, tour manager, nurse maid etc....I would respect him...I might not agree with him, but I'd still respect him.  But I don't have to bow to those that have wanted me to stop believing in RK, not now not every....I'm amused by them...

This goes out to all the ppl that are *reading* and believing the trashrags stories....

As everyone that's been reading me for any length of time knows that I'm a sucker for a love story and this is one real life love story that's isn't even close to being over!

Taylor has always known the truth....
And so do I!


  1. Mama Nails!! Have I told you lately that you are amazing?! This is exactly what I have deduced over the past few days. In my gut I felt that all was well with R&K. The imbecilic, tabloid lovin', brainless robsessed/krisbians/haters had a field day, but there is a huge iceberg that is about to hit their ship. And it's going down like the Titanic! I always trust you and am sure that this was nothing more than Rob taking care of business. His wife and their child are anxiously waiting for him to return home. I believe that he too can not wait to get home. He's never looked at her the way he looks at Kris. Never. And this girl needs to work on becoming more professional if she truly wants a career in music. RKian for life!! Love you MN!!

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  2. Very well said. Her Atlanta GA show is already sold out. The publicity must be working.

  3. Truer words were never spoken Mama. This too shall pass and RK and sweet pea shall move through their lives as always. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  4. Thank you for this reassuring and intelligent post.

  5. You rock MN!!!
    You did a great job on this.......and I am proud to stand by you and am on board with RKian!!!!

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  7. Great POST, MN. Very well thought out. Many of us knew something was up from the get go, just like we knew in 2012 it was all BS. I hate seeing the Daily tab pics, with the grinning like a pole cat but the best cure for that is just ignore them. We know the truth, so just focus on their projects. TR was outstanding; CXR was outstanding. I can't wait to see all their movies. I'm excited for more music projects, & hope that K will make that short film she spoke of. Rob & Kris are so perfect together. Can't wait for IE to start filming.

  8. I never believed he was with that other. I have been a RKian since I first saw Twilight in 08. Thank U for the reaasurance even though I don't believe it should be ur job. U rock I will agree with the other ladies and I have been reading ur blog for a long time. I check it multiple times a day Thanks for all u do TD

  9. Mama Nails - so glad I found this. I didn't know it existed until I just read something on HKN. I have tried posting on your tumblr page but can't figure it out. I happen to love everything that you write and don't know how you or HKN put up with so much bs from people. Keep up the good work

  10. You pretty much said it all. Have you seen the latest pics I guess they are leaving her concert? He's way ahead of her with looks to be body guards and she is walking behind with none and he gets into a car. When they get to the hotel he looks down right pissed, and she finally covers her face again he is way ahead of her. I have never ever seen him do that with Kristen. Here is a good laugh for you I won't tell who said this but it was a tab, They said Rob looks so happy and in love and included a pic of them in a cab she is on one side and he all the way on the other. I thought a pap got them but I guess it was a fan. In my opinion they didn't see any paps around so they were acting normal, like a boss and employee.